Imagine you are preparing a promotional campaign or you are preparing a quotation.At one point, you need to

I guess Pricing Nugget number 54 is not too early to discuss why pricing is important 😀You might

Imagine you are creating a free gift promotion. Customers buy one item and get a second for free.

Welcome to the first Pricing Nugget on Ask Markus Anything. If you have a question or you need

Imagine you are selling multipacks, like different sizes of packs of socks or multipacks of chocolate, for example. How should

You are about to set a price, and you are a bit indifferent.What kind of price do you

You are about to enter a negotiation.You take your "Negotiation 101" handbook, and you find out: "Hey, you

Imagine you are creating payment plans for car leasing or car financing. For this financial product, you believe

You are about to launch a promotion: “Get 40% off.“Your working student gets by and says: “Hey, why

Assume you work in retail and are responsible for the general pricing strategy. What should it be?Should it

Do you like numbers? Do you like to do calculations? And do you feel comfortable with numbers in

Imagine you're selling products that you can sell as multi-packs. How should you frame the content and the