Imagine you are creating payment plans for car leasing or car financing. For this financial product, you believe

You are about to launch a promotion: “Get 40% off.“Your working student gets by and says: “Hey, why

Assume you work in retail and are responsible for the general pricing strategy. What should it be?Should it

Do you like numbers? Do you like to do calculations? And do you feel comfortable with numbers in

Imagine you're selling products that you can sell as multi-packs. How should you frame the content and the

Imagine you are about to create a promotion and think: "How should I present the price reduction?"Either as

Imagine you just launched a new app, and customers can pay for something.Your UX designer comes in and

Imagine you sit in front of your screen, and you design the visual for your price. For example,

We all know about the power of strikethrough prices. You see a higher former price and a lower

Imagine you are about to set up a tiered discount structure. If your customers spend more than $100,

Imagine you are about to open a new restaurant and you're currently designing the new logo and you

Imagine you are giving discounts to customers, and you think you have a very solid understanding of your