Here is your weekly spark of pricing inspiration.


Each week we dig out a new Pricing Nugget for you - a piece of insight on psychological pricing, behavioral pricing, or general pricing advice.

What are Pricing Nuggets?

Pricing Nuggets are valuable insights usually buried in 30+ page-long academic papers.

Everything we share is backed by solid research. 

For whom do you create those Pricing Nuggets?

We unearth these insights for you as a business owner, solopreneur, pricing manager, marketer, ad designer, or anyone interested in learning more about pricing, price presentation, and your customers' reactions to prices.

What benefits come with the Pricing Nuggets?

Pricing Nuggets spark ideas on 

  • How can you influence customers' behavior without changing the actual price?
  • How can you make the price less relevant for a buying decision?
  • How little changes to your prices have a tremendous effect on your customers' buying behavior?
  • and many more

About Markus

Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky  Your Pricing Nuggets® Digger

Markus is an experienced pricing expert, passionate pricing researcher, and the founder of the Price Management Institute. Markus knows both sides, academia and business. As a guest researcher, university lecturer, and advisor for doctoral students, he loves discovering new pricing effects and sharing them with those who need them the most: business owners, marketers, any practitioner. In his professional career, he has held consulting and management roles in the financial services and retail industries for more than a decade. Markus was also in the trenches: He worked and led in the "machine room of pricing," developing and implementing pricing strategies for a worldwide-leading online retailer.